Aarambh Program-Leading Social Responsibility Program by SRIT Students

Students studying in colleges and schools should essentially look for various innovative programs and involve in activities or join workshops with the aim to underline environmental and social issues and at the same time, to educate public as much as possible. On the other side, faculty members, professors and other staffs of educational group should provide full support and encouragement to these students and thereby, help them to meet social responsibility goals.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility refers to an ethical framework that suggests any entity, whether it is a person or an organization, has obligation to perform functions for the betterment and benefit of society to a huge extent. In other words, it implies a duty to be performed by each person for maintaining a perfect balance in between ecosystems and the economy.

Based on the major challenges faced by our modern society, social responsibility has not only remained confined for business ventures, but also for all individuals, whose any action leads to significant influence in the entire environment. Here, responsibility is said to be passive when individuals simply avoid them to involve in socially harmful activities, while the social responsibility is active, when people perform few necessary activities, which directly advance towards social goals.

SRIT’s Role in Social Responsibility

Being one of the reputed engineering colleges in India Shri Ram Institute of Technology in Jabalpur has given its massive contribution and encouraged young engineering students to perform different types of activities aimed towards fulfilment of social responsibilities and boost the condition of people in the modern society. One such contribution of the institute can be observed from its recent activity as Aarambh conducted with the supervision of Assist. Prof. Alpa Gore.


Aarambh Program

Aarambh is a social responsibility program developed by the positive efforts of engineering college students and massive contributions from the staffs of SRIT Jabalpur.

Major Objectives of the Program

Shri Ram Group started the program under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Alpa Gore to meet different objectives, which include the following:

  1. Create Awareness to Assure Clean Locality and Environment

Although Central Government has launched a national campaign named Clean India Mission or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and planned different schemes to make the whole India clean and the best place to stay in upcoming years. However, such promises and schemes would never lead to success of the Mission until and unless people themselves take initiatives to clean the environment. Hence, being the members of a renowned educational group, SRIT’s students and staffs have taken steps to create awareness among people and given valuable suggestions objected towards keeping their local areas and the entire environment clean.

  1. Financial Help to Poor and Slum People

Despite India has made drastic progress in every sector including the infrastructure and industry sector; there are still many people, who live in slum areas and are of financially weak. Hence, in order to improve the condition of these people and their family members, staffs and students of Shri Ram Institute of Technology, Jabalpur provided financial help to poor individuals and those staying in various slum areas of India.

  1. Education to Poor and Backward Area Children

We are well aware of the fact that success and progress of India are solely dependent on its literacy rate. However, the main problem is that very few or none of the poor families or those belonging to slum areas are able to send their children to schools for studies. Thus, engineering students and faculty members of SRIT Jabalpur have put their efforts and take actions, like providing free classes to provide education to large numbers of boys and girls belonging to poor families and staying in slum or backward areas.

  1. Providing Old Books to Financially Weak Students

Along with providing free education to poor children, faculty members and students of Shri Ram Institute of Technology, Jabalpur have collected old books from volunteers and students to distribute to financially weak children, whose parents and caregivers are unable to buy new books and allow them to study and perform well in academics.

  1. Developing Social Responsibility Feelings among Students

Aarambh program allows participation of even B.E. first year students to do different activities directed towards fulfilling of social responsibilities. Hence, other than providing help and assistance to needy people, the program also aims at development of social responsibility feelings among engineering students.