Basketball Tournament- An Effort of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur to Encourage Women Empowerment

During our school life, we have consistently learned about the significance of women in the society. In fact,

our gurus have a strong belief in the sentence that wherever, women and fraternity get respect, God resides.

Although, people usually forget many things, which they study during school days, but this line is so inspirational that it is remembered for whole life. Due to this only, almost every individual of India attempts to pay respect to females.

On the other side, women and young girls now days are also receiving best platforms to highlight their talents, abilities and knowledge in varying sectors, like engineering , medical or health care, education, sports and business activities.

Effort of Shri Ram Group towards Woman Empowerment

In order to boost women empowerment and enhance gaming skills and sportsman spirit of young girls, our Shri Ram Group Jabalpur had organized Girls Basketball Tournament during Interschool Sports Championship 2016. Noticing fact is that every player played very well in the game and faced a tough challenge from opponent team of the tournament.

Overview on International Sports Championship

Starting from 6th of January to 8th of January, Shri Ram Institute of Technology, Jabalpur recognized as one of the top engineering colleges in India hosted 3 days of Interschool Sports Championship for schoolchildren. During the event, large numbers of boys and girls studying as regular school students in Jabalpur have attended the event and showed their drastic performance and outstanding gaming skills.

Moreover, teachers of different schools as well as SRIT’s sports officers as Harvinder Singh and Pankaj Kushwaha, along with Dr. Bhatele, Professor N. George, Dr. L. K. Patel, and others have motivated participants. All of them wished students good luck for competitions. Senior faculties of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur said that they are proud for the fact that school students of Jabalpur would have their bright careers not only in education sector, but also in other sectors of life.