DJ Nights-the Thrilling Event of Aavhaan Tech Fest 2016

DJ Nights is one among the thrilling events schedule to take place during Aavhaan Tech Fest 2016 on 1st of April 2016 within the premise of our Shri Ram Group Jabalpur. Similar to the case of every other Games or Arts Event of the Fest, students and staff members have shown their huge interests to be the part of DJ Nights Event, which comprised of following activities:-

  • Song Performance

We will conduct both solo and group song performance for our students during the Aavhaan Event 2016.

  • Dance Performance

Along with singing activity, you will also be able to be the part of both Solo and Group Dance events.

  • Special Performance of DJ War

DJ War is the special attraction to take place during DJ Nights Event. As the name implies, here every DJ band compete with one another and the band group, which gives its best performance will be the Winner.

Enticing Aspect of the Event

shri ram group fest aavhaan 2016

Shri Ram Group staff members are very much proud to say that its own Band Group EVOL (comprised of institute’s students) will participate in DJ War Event. Therefore, just join us on the Event Day and get an exhilarating experience of DJ Nights.