Do’s and Don’ts to Follow during Campus Interview

dos-and-dontsAre you a final year student and appearing for campus interview during coming months? If yes, it is essential for you to know few Do’s and Don’ts associated with campus interview.

Do’s for the Interview

  1. Focus on Dress-up and Cleanliness

Dress-up in formals or business suits and keep yourself conservative to show interview panel members that you have taken the interview session seriously. In addition, your cleanliness and personal grooming should essentially be impeccable.

  1. Arrive at the Venue Early

Candidates should essentially arrive at the interview venue at least before 10 minutes of the commencement of the interview. Even though, any authority or Training and Placement officer do not instruct you to come early, you should assure to do so for your own convenience.

  1. Build Your Resume Properly

Candidates appearing for the interview should prepare their resume in attractive way that it gives details about their qualifications, achievements, skills and other additional qualities in the best possible manner.

  1. Respect and Courtesy are Mandatory

Applicants should treat other people, whom they encounter while applying for interview with respect and courtesy. This is because; their opinions about applicants may solicit to a huge extent at the time of taking hiring decisions.

  1. Respond Questions Based on Real Examples

Give respond to questions and back up your framed sentences or statements based on real and specific examples wherever possible.

  1. Positive Characteristics

Final year students of Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur or other candidates appearing for campus interview should make sure to focus on their positive characteristics, qualifications and strengths required for the job.

  1. Positive Attitude

You should essentially exhibit your positive attitude while interacting with interviewers. HR manager and interviewers conduct campuses and interviews to evaluate candidates as their potential co-workers. Hence, you should behave like the one, who wants to work with the organization.

  1. Prepare Typical Interview Questions in Advance

Always be prepared with few of the typical interview questions in advance of appearing the campus or job interview. Although, interviewers may not ask all of the common questions; but preparing answers for few common questions in advance will help you a lot to perform well in your interview.

  1. Prepare Intelligent Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Last, but not the least, you should ensure to prepare few intelligent questions to ask your interviewer. For this, you should research about the company, employer and other important aspects of the company in advance and ask questions, about which you are unable to find appropriate answer from your research.

Don’ts for the Interview

  1. Avoid making Excuses

Firstly, our Training and Placement officers always recommend you to avoid strictly of making any excuse. Instead, candidates should take responsibilities about their decisions and respective actions.

  1. Do Not Falsity Answers

Students going for an interview should never falsify any of their application materials and answers to any of the interview questions.

  1. Never Apologize or Make Negative Sentences

Interview applicants should never make any negative sentence about them. In addition, they should avoid of making apologies or talk what they do not have done in their educational or career backgrounds.

  1. Never Treat Your Interview Casually

One should never the interview casually, as he or she had simply come to face the interview for practice. This is obviously an insult to the interview panel and to the company or organization.

  1. Do not Express Desperateness for the Job

Candidates should never act as they were desperate to do any job or for the employment.

  1. Never Asks Questions about Salary

Do not give the impression in front of your interview panel members that you are interested in salary only. In fact, you should never ask about salary, bonuses and other benefits until the interviewer himself/herself step forward to discuss about salary/benefit related matters.

  1. Keep Your Phone Device in Silent Mode

Lastly, you should assure of keeping your cell phone device in Silent mode while you wait for your turn during the interview. In case, the phone sounds, you should apologize for the same instantly and overlook it. In addition, you should never attempt any phone call or look at text messages.