Electrical and Electronics Engineering Courses and Job Scopes

Electrical and Electronics Engineering abbreviated as EEE includes generation, utilization and storage of power. These engineers play major role in design and launch of power systems to use in both homes and industries, like batteries, mains supply, motors or petrol and solar panels.

In addition, EEE course offered by Shri Ram Group Jabalpur includes study of power as well as control engineering concepts, along with various types of large devices, like electric vehicles and power systems. Other than this, the engineering branch includes study of devices requiring relatively less amounts of power, like information and communications engineering, computer systems and similar others.

Job Scopes and Designations of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Demand for an environment friendly type of power generation, highly sophisticated electronic systems and small as well as affordable products lead to wide job scopes for Electrical Engineers, especially for those who complete their Bachelor of Engineering from Shri Ram Group Jabalpur. In addition, few of these graduates work for development of latest ipod technologies, life-saving healthcare devices and alternative sources of power generation.

Job Classifications

Hence, on doing broad classification, we have found varieties of jobs for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which are

  • Innovative Designs
  • Research and Development
  • Consultation Services
  • Teaching and Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Software Development


Based on the roles played by EE engineers in the industry, we have identified few key designations of these professionals as under-

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Telecommunication Engineers
  • Software and Computer Engineers
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Project and Power Engineers

 How Electrical and Electronics Engineers have Influenced the Entire World

Now, let us look over different ways, by which Electrical and Electronics Engineers have influenced the whole world.

Environmental Sustainability

EEE professionals help the entire environment by utilization of improved energy efficiency, transmission of electricity, electric vehicles, generation and distribution of electric supply.

Signal Processing and Biomedical Applications

Electrical and Electronics Engineers help people to stay healthy, as they help in building of scanners and different types of medical instruments in far better manner. In addition, they assist medical staffs to utilize the measured data in much better way as possible. Furthermore, sophisticated software solutions and electronics systems designed by these engineers help in quick and appropriate diagnosis of every type of illness associated with healthcare sector.

Along with this, electrical and electronics engineers help in development of devices for all individuals, who face problems because of impaired vision or hearing problems. Major examples under this category include computers dedicated for blind individuals, space retina imaging techniques, Mamogram operations and so on. Furthermore, engineers have developed improved signal processing for MRI scans under this sector.

Telecommunication Industry

Other than working in core companies, Electrical and Electronics Engineers also work in Telecommunication industry to connect individuals and emergency solutions with higher rates of data and reliability by the help of internet facilities, cellular phones, radio systems, satellites and similar other systems. Until now, engineers have show their huge contributions in different activities, which are

  • Cognitive radio systems for allowing emergency services to communicate in easy manner
  • Deployment of necessary ad-hoc types of communication networks within less possible period
  • Embedded communications of emergencies within various large buildings


Under Nanotechnology, individuals with EEE degree have developed future nanotechnology operable materials and devices for electronics industry, renewable energy and medical applications. Examples in this case include development of solar cells and various electronic devices.

Regular/Frequently Used Devices

Everything that requires use, generation and storage of electrical supply had the involvement of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Even many modern devices now come with microprocessor i.e. core of the computer, which electrical engineers program and design.

Therefore, Electrical and Electronics Engineers play significant role in fulfilment of key requirements associated with core Electrical and Electronics Industry, but also of other industries prevailing in the entire world.