Explore Leadership and Team Skills to be a Competent Efficient Leader


A qualified and an effective team leader should essentially possess large numbers of characteristics and traits, which aim to encourage team members to follow his or her guideline. Although, few team leaders possess specific qualities naturally, but most of the leaders learn and develop such qualities based on formal training in organizations or special training and development program offered to students by Training and Placement department of the best engineering college in India.

Qualities possessed by any efficient team leader develop feelings of trust and respect, while at the same time; simulate level of production in the workplace. Based on this fact, students willing to boost their bright careers should take admission in the institute that aims to explore leadership and team skills among them. In this blog post, we will discuss about the efforts of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur to develop few key leadership skills.


Effective team leaders should communicate in clear way. Top quality of written and verbal communication allow leaders to present the company’s target and expectations to their team members in simple yet in interesting way, so that workers may easily understand them. Because of this, faculties and staff members of best engineering college in India conduct special sessions of GDs, mock interviews, extempore, in-house seminars and other similar types of activities that allow students to be strong in communication skills.

Organizational Skills

Supervisors and team leaders should incorporate extraordinary organizational skills. Such skills help them to make plans for objectives as well as strategies allowing team members to deliver their optimum performance. Thus, in order to develop organization skills, senior staffs of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur conducts technological and cultural events, where selected students have to play the roles of volunteers and coordinators to manage big events.

You may get a good example of organizational skills from the latest Aavhaan 2016 Event, where students coordinated with participants, faculty members, DJ operators, event managers and other professionals to accomplish the event in successful manner.


Qualified and competent team leader or a supervisor should show confidence in his or her abilities and even in the abilities of team members. Self-confident team members always make sure of taking secured decisions.


Competent team leader should be honest and work with transparency with team members. Leaders possessing integrity always expect to receive trust of his or her subordinates working in the company. Reason for this is that leader works with integrity always does everything what he or she says and treats people in same manner, as he wants from other people.


Team leaders should compulsorily act as facilitators and allow workers to understand and aware of their respective goals. Because of this, training and placement department of the institute always put efforts to develop facilitator skills in their students. One should always remember the role of a team leader as a facilitator, who always organizes a sound action plan to make sure that their team members successfully meet their goals or objectives in successful manner.