Four Gesture and Posture Tips to Focus on by Interview Applicants

The moment a candidate enters in an interview room, interviewers instantly start judging him or her. In fact, recruiters try to know more than 90 percent about applicants from their body language, gestures and postures. Hence, in order to crack interview, an applicant is not only required to be strong enough in academics subjects, but also should maintain his/her gesture and posture by following few necessary tips, as explained by Training and Placement Officer of Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur:-

  1. Beginning of the Interview Session

Approach the campus interviewer with open stance, as it gives the signal of honesty and amiability. In addition, you should go for a firm handshake to show your self-confidence.

  1. Smile and Maintaining Eye Contact is Essential

You should interact with HR manager or any other interview panel members with smile and maintain eye contact with each person. Smile in your face lets you to stay more calm, pleasant and relaxed, while maintaining eye contact shows your confidence during communication.

  1. Hand Gestures

Hand gestures have significant roles in communication process. It helps an applicant to highlight or reinforce important words or points. They even indicate that a person is fully prepared to deliver or receive any message. Open palms would demonstrate righteousness and frankness. However, forcing gestures may distract the interview. Hence, it is essential for candidates to keep their actions smooth, measured and natural.

  1. Winding up of the Interview

While you wind up the interview, you should stand up gently, smile, make eye contact with every interviewer present in the panel and shake hands with them firmly. You should stay courteous, thank panel members for their time and leave the room in gentle manner.