Good News for All IT Students-IT hardware Sector will Generate 4-Lakhs Employment in India

Indian IT hardware industry may generate approximately 4-lakhs of employment in coming 5 years period. For this, Indian Government has to make necessary changes in its existing Tax Duty structure associated with manufacturing of PCs (Personal Computers), desktops, laptops, notebooks and other items in the new Financial Budget.
MAIT (Manufacturers Association for Information Technology) predicted that the employment generation in the industry of IT hardware would increase significantly in the near future. Hence, almost every candidate interested to explore in hardware industry and studying B.E. in IT branch from Shri Ram Group Jabalpur will find lots of employment opportunities provided they passed their academics with excellence.
E.T. Anwar Shirpurwala, a senior member of MAIT Group commented, “India will definitely face a big demand of 3-crores notebooks, PCs and other similar products in coming 5 years. Hence, if our Government introduce few key changes in its Financial Budget of 2016-2017, companies would get the opportunity to meet public demands by manufacturing hardware devices, which would in turn generate 4-lakhs employment in the lucrative IT hardware sector.”
Research report of MAIT Group highlights that India will generate direct job vacancies in IT sector, while indirect job requirements of about 3-lakhs in the area of manufacturing equipment. Updates highlighted by MAIT Group also recommended for bringing changes in governmental financial policies and at the same time, development of favourable conditions in the entire Information Technology market.
Thus, changes in policies formulated by Government and favourable market conditions would lead to approximately two times of boost in IT hardware production to approach 17.828crores or 260-crore dollars. Furthermore, MAIT Group researchers also predicted that favourable conditions of IT market would make India a leading hub for electronics system design and manufacturing supply across the world.
Our experts have obtained the data based on detailed research study and analysis conducted by well-experienced members of Manufacturers Association for Information Technology. However, Intel Company, the microchip manufacturer, Lenovo and top-class software company Microsoft were also involved in this study.
Demand made by MAIT Group:-MAIT demanded for 2% decrease in Excise Duty applied by Government on notebook and desktop PCs in the Financial Budget 2016-2017. Other than this, Group also wanted for relaxation in Excise Duty of various components, parts and assemblies of Personal Computers.

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