How Managers should Aware of and Overcome Information Silo in Business

Silo in Information Technology and in business management refers to any management system that fails to operate with any other type of system. It remains closed off from various other systems, which create a perfect environment comprises of disparate systems and individuals within a particular organization.

Situations when Silos Take Place

According to MBA experts of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, organization silos do not typically share same goals, priorities or even same tools. Hence, departments perform their functions as individual entities or business units within the organization or enterprise. Silos mainly take place because of the structure possessed by an organization.

Managers in this case take responsibility of any particular department present in an organization. In addition, each manager has different visions, responsibilities and priorities towards doing a particular job. Most of the times, managers do not have full awareness or knowledge about goals and priorities of other departments, while there is very little collaboration, communication and teamwork among such business units.

Silo mentality acts as an organizational way to think and it takes place whenever management groups and departments do not share goals, information, priorities, tools and procedures with other officers or departments. Silo mentality intends to hamper operations, reduce morale of employees and may result in complete failure of the company, its offered products and the entire culture.

Management professors of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur further said and recommended managers to avoid silo mentality to make sure about free flow of information among each department present in any organization. Main objective is to bring changes and improvements of relationships among business units based on advocating of teamwork in far better way.