How Students May Choose for a Good Time Management for their Studies and Play


Time management always acts as a key to achieve success in academics. Students pursuing different courses, including B.E. candidates of any engineering college in India learn or understand this eventually. Best students may not necessarily are those, who gain mastery in their chosen subjects, but those boys and girls, who always choose to utilize their every single second in effective manner.

Why Time Management is Essential

  • Whenever you make plans for your days and weeks beforehand, time would definitely act as your friend instead of your enemy.
  • Although, management of proper time may initially appear to people as pain; but once you gain mastery on it, it would help you to get most of the interesting things in your entire life.
  • Time management may make free and allow you to live in effective, enjoyable and calm way.
  • Managing hours, minutes and seconds of your day will help you to overcome your stress levels, avoid frustrations and disorganizations to a huge extent.
  • Time management gives individuals with highest possible marks during the entire school year and help to take part as well as prepare for tests, surprise quizzes and other competitive examinations.

Steps Involved in Time Management

Once you come up with your decision, you may opt to follow large numbers of excellent time management systems. In this blog post, experienced professors and students of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, who got placements in renowned companies, like Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services will share eight exclusive strategies with students, which would definitely lead to huge influence on their engineering career.

Organize the Time Properly

Life gives the opportunity to improve oneself whenever he or she decides to perform activities in different manner. In this situation, goal of a person is to achieve control on the time instead of allowing the time to gain control on you.

Main objective behind managing time for students is to get a clear picture of their upcoming months, weeks and days. It provides the way to students in discovering the period, which they have to dedicate or devote for studies, recreation and various other activities.

Assessment of Time is Essential

Most of the students genuinely have belief that they study or practice questions a lot. Even few of them protest of studying during the whole day or night. In reality, the statement is far away from the fact. However, according to experts of a reputable engineering college in India, only way to discover numbers of hours dedicated by a person in a busy day or actual study is by completion of personal level of time assessment.

Method involved in this case is to keep a proper track of every activity a person does for a complete week, starting from the time he wake up from his sleep to up to the time he goes for sleep again i.e. every single detail.

During the end of your week, you should add up the totals. In case you find losing your valuable time in activities other than studying, you should take steps for balancing of your schedule. Hence, you should start with elimination of time bandits based on simple adjustments in your behaviour and habits with the aim to get proper control of time.

Setting of Priorities is Essential

Main objective behind management of time is to allocate your each second, minute and hour of a single day wisely, so that you may assure of achieving your goals. To achieve your best results in the semester examinations, you must possess an efficient idea related to your key study requirements.

Although, each subject involves different demands, like projects, essays, papers, tests, presentations and examinations; prioritization of necessary tasks let you to boost your chances related to success. For every subject, you should decide about ways of completing your required tasks over a particular week, month and even a year. Advance planning in this case helps in boosting of your awareness and prevent in squandering of time in meaningless way.

Preparation of Schedule is Important

Once you set up your priorities, you have to set up a proper schedule that respects your chosen priorities. In this case, you should make sure of creating a system, with which you remain comfortable and thereby, prepare your schedule by following this order:-

  • Mark all of your fixed commitments, like seminars, classes, part-time jobs and tutorials, which one can never be able to change.
  • Dedicate more numbers of hours in a day for studies only, while only few hours for reviewing process. Organize your peak time for studies to coincide with specific times of day, when you remain alert or awake.
  • Mark for other types of non-study activities, which are low priority but important items, like recreational classes, exercises and socialization, which you will be able to fit whenever it is possible.

Prepare Plans of Your Activities Logically

Analyze the schedule followed by your body before you should schedule activities across it. For instance, if you usually feel sleepy after you take lunch, you should use that time by involving yourself into daily walk rather than putting efforts to keep eyes open for studying the CAD/CAM book.

Consider about Down Time

None of the human beings is a machine or a robot. Hence, individuals should essentially schedule their few hours to give body relaxation, so that they can rest as well as refresh their bodies and minds. Relaxation and rest help people to study in effective way. Lastly, one should plan for adequate sleep, as any sleep-deprived person may not able to deliver his or her best performance in academics.