How to prepare for IIT JEE Advance 2016 Examination?


Now, as you successfully cleared your JEE Mains Exam 2016, you should step forward and start with preparations for the next exam i.e. IIT JEE Advance 2016 scheduled to take place on 22nd of May 2016. Based on key trends followed by engineering aspirants during these days at the time of preparing for Advanced Examination, they should essentially consider about an exclusive strategy to make the entire matter easy.

According to scholars and professors of a reputed engineering college in India i.e. Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, JEE Advance is somewhat different from any of the regular entrance examinations. It is too much tough, as applicants should possess their agile minds for application of tricks and formulation of particular strategy to resolve the complete paper i.e. attempting maximum numbers of questions accurately within the specified period of 3 hours.

Cracking JEE Advanced 2016 with remarkable score is not a piece of cake. Instead, students have to consider few important things in their minds and should essentially follow few essential tips for preparation.

Concentration and Attentiveness are Essential Things

Candidates should essentially remain fully focussed and stay attentive at the time of preparing and practicing sets. This is because; irrespective of how well a student knows any arithmetic formula, he or she should essentially understand it properly and possess a deep clarity of the same. Students should essentially practice each type of question consistently to clear their doubts.

Systemize Your Time

Every subject that you include for preparation of JEE Advance should be practiced in thorough manner and schedule their time properly. This helps students to track the exact time they consume for solving any particular type of question and the manner, in which they are able to manage their speeds. A student should essentially distinguish between simple or easy questions and those, which consume relatively more time to solve. Accordingly, they should set strategies to solve the exam without wasting valuable time or leaving important questions, which really matter in the overall performance.

Attainable Targets

Aspirants should never make any of the unrealistic goals or promises for them. The reason for this is that it leads to complete disappointment when individuals fail to attend their set goals and become demoralize to a huge extent. Hence, one should maintain their daily agendas and reasonable targets, which are not too much stressing or difficult to meet.

Previous Years’ Question Papers

Students should essentially know the way of solving any questionnaire and topics to cover in it for clearing their doubts. Brighter picture would come in front of students whenever they come to know exactly of the way to perform and possess good idea about the type of questionnaires they will likely have to solve in the examination. To help any student by boosting his level of confidence, he or she should practice previous years’ test papers well manner.

Thorough Revision and Performance Analysis is Essential

Starting from the first day of our journey to the education, parents, elder sisters and brothers and experts of good engineering college in India i.e. Shri Ram Group Jabalpur tell JEE Advanced 2016 aspirants to revise every topic and never leave any one. In case there is slight confusion, it is essential for students to understand and overcome the confusion clearly.

Revision is compulsory to analyze your performance in every subject and/or topic and thereby, lets you to gauge your weak points and strength. In this way, you will be able to understand your exact position and identify those topics, which require relatively more focus as compared to other ones. Revision on different subjects and later on, testing oneself by practicing different questions about the same would obviously give a clear picture of the points, where candidates require more improvement.

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