How to Solve Questions Based on Analytical Reasoning with Accuracy and Quickly


Analytical reasoning involved recognizing of various patterns and related connections associated with different pieces of information. Each question that belongs to the subject of analytical reasoning involves logical puzzles based on specific conditions set.

Examiners mostly group questions of analytical reasoning in groups of either five or four questions, where each group involves a small passage followed by a particular sets of various conditions. Main role of analytical reasoning test is associated with measuring of one’s ability to analyze as well as to draw appropriate solutions from any complicated situation via application of logic.

Based on this fact, questions based on analytical reasoning are of scoring ones and give a big contribution in selection of a candidate during competitive exams. However, solving of such questions is also somewhat difficult than questions of other categories, like blood relations, input machine, syllogism and similar others.

Therefore, to overcome your difficulty, you should follow few common tips, as highlighted in this blog post by qualified Logical Reasoning faculties of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur.

Give Some Time to Develop the Game Board

Many examinees, including the students of any engineering college in India appearing for campus written test usually feel wasting of their valuable time in analysis of rules for creation and development of a game board. However, if you opt to spend few minutes to set up the board and extend conditions, you will require spending literally very little time for actually answering of questions.

Answering Questions in Order is Not Necessary

Students appearing for written examinations during campus placements do not require answering questions asked in analytical reasoning by following the same order. Instead, candidates should firstly solve those questions, whose answers can be obtained easily. Most of the times, experts have observed that working out of answers to later questions in any set helps in providing information required for answering of earlier questions. Whenever you stuck on to any question, you should skip it and proceed to solve next questions.

Identifying Wrong Options May Help a Lot

Identification of wrong answers often involves an easy job as compared to searching for the right option. For majority of questions, students will easily spot violations of various rules and thereby, mark the right answer from given options. Whenever an examinee eliminates four among five different answers, they could easily find out the right answer.

Always Make Sure to Keep Calm

Panic situations mostly destroy some potentially brilliant scores in solving analytical reasoning questions. In this case, a student starts with working on problems, which does not observe relationships among characters, looks at the time and realizes that he or she has only few minutes left and many questions to answer.

Later on, student looks back at the same analytical reasoning problem and further becomes frustrated, thinks about sinking of his or her future and blows down the entire thing completely. Hence, in order to avoid such situations, students should stay calm and get back on the right course via application of appropriate method.

Decision about Confronting of the Problem

Each section of Analytical reasoning test categorized under LR section of written test conducted by company recruiters has four different logic games. You do not require working on all of them by following a specific order. Instead, you may opt solving second question at first, later on the fourth and fifth, while later on, choose to solve first and third questions. Indeed, the question that comes in the mind is that how a person should decide about the problem to work first.

For this, examinees including B.E. students should opt for skimming of each among of the four different logic games, allocate their ranks based on difficulty levels and finally, working on them based on the order following from easiest one to toughest one. However, problem that comes in this method is that differentiating among difficult and easy sets may not be obvious for the first time and consumes valuable time of students, which they could us for working on such problems.

Hence, experts of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, the leading engineering college in India explained another efficient and relatively less time-consuming method i.e. working with problems containing most of the questions at first. If you observe logic game with eight different questions and another one with only five, you should work on the question first that contains eight different questions. Identification of each pattern or fact requires almost same time. Hence, in this case if you opt to solve the problem including highest numbers of questions, you will expect to boost your payoff from the actual time investments.

Assure to Practice on Regular Basis

Best way to solve questions based on Analytical Reasoning and deal with complicated problems is to apply sound strategies and practice such questions thoroughly. In addition, experts always recommend you to dedicate your time for solving Analytical problems from last five years question papers.

Therefore, by considering on aforementioned important and valuable tips, one should develop expertise in solving different types of questions, which may come in competitive examinations under Analytical Reasoning category.

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