Job Etiquette-A Prime Factor that Decides Candidates Selection in Interview

job atiquette

Candidates willing to get placements in few of the top companies should definitely make sure of following few of the important interview etiquettes at the time attending HR interviews. Similar to subject or topic knowledge and expertise, job etiquette has its major role in either selection or rejection of a candidate in the HR round. Therefore, with the help of this article, our experts working in Training and Placement department of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur have attempted to highlight about job etiquette related points to our students. These are

Overview on Job Etiquette

Before we should move on to essential elements, we would like to discuss about the meaning of the term. In general, etiquette indicates a code for showing polite behaviour within the society. In this way, we should say that job etiquette would include necessary polite codes, as expected by an interviewer. However, code or etiquette for job interviews has large numbers of elements, among which we want to outline few key tips and hints about what exactly you should do.

Dress Etiquette for Interviews

Whenever you go for attending an HR interview, your dress-up is of huge importance. First impression is very much essential and the way, by which you should present yourself based on your dressing, would obviously act as an important element to create your good or bad impression. It is essential for you to judge the exact place, where you have to go. For majority of professional level jobs, it is essential to wear a particular type of suit to give your best impression.

Focus on Punctuality the Most

Punctuality is an important thing, towards which every interviewee should focus the most. Irrespective of the reason, none of the interviewers would like to lose his or her patience with any candidate, who is late. Even if you dealt with any type of unexpected condition on road, interviewer would not show any interest to go towards the basic fact, for which you arrive late. Instead, HR interviewers have their busy schedules, because of which lateness on any reason disturb their schedules.

Furthermore, any type of last minute rush will create both stress and agitation among applicants, because of which they fail to present in well manner during the interview. Hence, in order to avoid any disruption, candidates should arrive to the interview venue at least 5 minutes earlier of the reporting time or commencement of the interview.

Good and Firm Handshake is Essential

Whenever you meet with new people, it is customary to have shake hands with them, as handshake tells many things about a specific person. In this case, candidates should avoid limp handshake done from clammy hands, as it would not give any good impression. Instead, one should go for firm but without knuckle crushing handshake, as it creates much better impression.

Never Overlook Non-verbal Communication

Despite, verbal communication acts as the best way to convey valuable pieces of information to other people, but actual case is somewhat different. Non-verbal type of communication plays major role in creating good impression of an interviewee in front of others. Eye contacts, position of your hands and gesture or posture convey information, because of which it is essential for you to stay aware of it.

Eye contacts indicate the interests of candidates about what the HR interview is doing or saying. In addition, it indicates your confidence level. Along with eye contacts, you have to make sure of sitting up straight position in your chair, because sitting back highlight your casual attitude and give the impression of not interested. Fake body language during interviews is not possible for individuals. Hence, one should make sure of feel positive and remain attentive before going to attend an interview.