Library-The Ocean of Knowledge in Shri Ram Group Jabalpur


Central Library of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur has designs and buildings meeting necessary International Standards. It has undergone central air-cooling and included specialized collections of interesting journals and books, along with varieties of non-book materials available in Technology and Engineering, Biotechnology, Management and Humanities.

Dr. Sangeeta Singh is the Chief Librarian of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur. She has done Mastery in Library and Ph. D, in the subject.

Facts about Central Library

  • Library has large numbers of highly qualified and efficient librarians to make sure of providing the best possible information services.

  • Library has a big stock comprises of standard books and textbooks written by few of the well-known authors, while every librarian put best possible efforts to receive good titles recommended by institutional faculty members.

  • Librarians and other staffs always bring multiple copies of almost every type of popular book and make them easily available for students.

  • Library also provides a suitable copier facility for benefitting those people who want to gain access to library.

Library Resources at a Glance

Central Library of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur includes an exceptional library comprises of specialized collection in Technology and Engineering, Basic Science, Pharmacy and Management.

Library Resources


Total numbers of books

More than 1,50,000

Total numbers of back volumes

More than 11,500

Total numbers of periodicals (National + International)


Subscriptions of the Digital Library in the Institute

  • Digital Library has about 2,300 E-journals comprise of ACM, ASME, ASCE, Standards and Journals, Euro Codes of British Standards, Complete Source of ESCO Business, Engineering Refrex, EMERALD Management Journals, IEEE standard resources and Journal of Research and Development, along with Journal on College Teaching Excellence.

  • In addition, the online library includes MathSciNet, ProQuest-ABI or Inform Complete, Nature Publishing Group Journals, Thesis and Dissertation by ProQuest (ETD) in two parts i.e. Part A and Part B, SAE Technical Papers, Science Direct, SAGE Online Journals, Scopus, Scifinder Scholar and more than 1,600 Journals on Springerlink.