Mechanical Engineering-An Evergreen Branch for Engineering Students

Mechanical engineering has always remained an evergreen stream among large numbers of engineering students. It refers to a specific discipline that applies principles of material science, physics and engineering to design, manufacture, analyze and maintain wide range of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering degree program offered by any good engineering college in India, such as Shri Ram Group Jabalpur includes design, operation and production of machinery.

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Course Overview and Concepts Included in the Stream

  • Mechanical engineering stream mainly requires good understanding of few core concepts, like kinematics, mechanics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, material science and electricity.
  • Individuals choose to study B.E. with Mechanical branch use aforementioned core principles and important tools, like product lifecycle management and Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Management to analyze and design of manufacturing plants, industrial machines and complicated systems, robotics, water and aircraft systems.


Sub-disciplines of Mechanical Engineering Stream

Mechanical Engineering (ME) stream offered in reputed engineering college in India refers to a collection of various science and core subjects or disciplines. Some sub-disciplines are of unique to the stream, while others refer to combination of M.E. and related disciplines. Most of the jobs performed by any mechanical engineer involve utilization of techniques and skills from large numbers of sub-disciplines and specialized sub-disciplines. Few of the common sub-disciplines are mentioned here:-


Mechanics involves the study of forces and related effects upon matter. Main role of this discipline is to predict and analyze deformation and acceleration (both plastic and elastic) of objects under various types of known forces called as loads or stresses. Mechanics has few of the further sub-disciplines:-

  • Statics that implies the study of various non-movable bodies under known forces or loads and the way, in which forces affect various static bodies
  • Kinetics or Dynamics refers to study about ways, in which forces affect different types of movable bodies
  • Materials mechanics involve study about deformation of different materials under different types of stress.
  • Fluid mechanics study about processes/methods followed by liquids or fluids to react with different types of forces.
  • Kinematics involves detailed study about motion of objects or bodies and systems i.e. groups of objects by overlooking all forces, which cause motions. This method has found its applications in design as well as analysis of mechanisms.
  • Continuum mechanics refers to the method of applying mechanics that assumes continuation of objects rather than discrete.


Mechatronics, as the name suggests involves the combination of electronics and machanics. It is an interdisciplinary mechanical engineering branch offered under Bachelor of Engineering, which mainly concerns towards integration of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering to design hybrid systems. In this manner, experts automate different machines via application of servomechanisms, electric motors and other related electrical systems in combination with special type of software.


Robotics involves the application of mechatronics for creation of robots, which often used in industries to perform repetitive, complicated and dangerous tasks. Robots may be available in different sizes and shapes, however all of them undergo pre-programming process and interact in physical manner with the entire world.

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis is a specific branch of Mechanical engineering that mainly examines how and why objects fail. Based on examination report, engineers put efforts to fix such objects and improve the level of performance.


Thermodynamics refers to the detailed study of energy, its transformation and utilization with the help of any system. Engineering thermodynamics typically gives concern towards variation in energy from a particular form to another one.

Drafting/Technical Drawing

Technical drawing or drafting is a prime source, which mechanical engineers design products and create necessary instructions for wide range of manufacturing parts. Technical drawing may be of hand-draw schematic or a computerized model to show each of the necessary dimensions for manufacturing of a part, assembly note, a proper list of various required materials and other pertinent details.

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Why Mechanical Engineering is an Evergreen B.E. Stream

Indeed, the question comes in the mind of every Class12 standard candidates or engineering aspirants that why Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen stream. For this, experts have said-

  • Mechanical Engineering gives plenty of job opportunities to both graduates and postgraduates. Since, almost every type of construction and manufacturing industries/ organizations require successful operation of plants and machineries, handling of which would be possible only by the help of Mechanical engineers.
  • Majority of Public Sector Units in India today prefer for Mechanical Engineers the most, whether you look over the employment scenario of Ordnance or Defence Factories and Vehicle Factories, along with many of the Maharatna, Miniratna and Navratna Companies in India.