Mentors of the Shri Ram Group Jabalpur

mentors of srit jabalpur

Mentors of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur deliver their valuable services under the guidance and valuable suggestions of our Directors. These leading personalities strive very hard to give a vibrant academic environment to the institute’s students. In addition, each mentor pays huge attention to provide best possible education and training to students and thereby, assure to develop their competency levels and overall personality to get plenty of job opportunities in the near future.

Dr. R. P. Bhatele

Dr. R. P. Bhatele is the Principal of Shri Ram Institute of Technology in Jabalpur. Previously, he worked in the Engineering department of Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board (MPEB), while did his Ph. D. from famous IIT Roorkee in India.

Dr. Biplab Paul

Dr. Biplab Paul is the Principal of our second institute i.e. Shri Ram Institute of Science and Technology Jabalpur. He is a learned man, who completed Ph. D. from RDVV of Jabalpur.

Dr. Avinash Gaur

Dr. Avinash Gaur is working as the Principal of our thirdly established institute i.e. Shri Ram Group of Institutions Jabalpur. He possesses vast knowledge in innovative electronics and IT systems prevailing in the modern world. He did his Ph. D. from RDVV Jabalpur.

Dr. Divya Bansal

Dr. Divya Bansal is responsible for mentoring B. Pharma and M. Pharma students studying in Shri Ram Institute of Technology Pharmacy (SRIT-P) Jabalpur. She is a Ph. D. holder and has vast knowledge in innovative concepts and technologies used in the modern pharmaceutical sector.

Dr. Vaibhav Tiwari

Dr. Vaibhav Tiwari is serving his role as the mentor of Shri Ram Institute of Pharmacy. He is also a Ph. D. holder and a learned person.

Prof. Reetesh Yadav

Prof. Reetesh Yadav is serving as the head of Shri Ram Institute of Technology-D. Pharma. As an M. Pharma degree holder, Prof. Reetesh plays significant role to guide large numbers of individuals want to explore career as pharmacists.

Dr. J. K. Solanki

Dr. J. K. Solanki holds the designation of Principal in Shri Ram Institute of Technology MCA Jabalpur. He completed his Ph. D. from IIT Bombay and has good knowledge and expertise in IT-related concepts prevailing in the modern world.

Dr. Atul Dubey

Dr. Atul Dubey is responsible for providing good guidance to MBA students. He has done Ph. D. in Finance stream and acts as the Chairman of BOS Management in RDVV Jabalpur.