Overview on National Cadet Corps (NCC) Objectives and Achievements

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the military cadet corps of India that has its Headquarter at New Delhi. It was established in India during the year 1948 and since then, it remains open on voluntary basis for both college and school students of the country.

NCC is a Tri-Service Group that comprises of Air Force, Army and Indian Navy involved in grooming of the country’s youth into patriotic, responsible and well-disciplined citizens. Hence, National Cadet Corps of our country acts as a voluntary organization that recruits cadets from Universities, colleges and high schools from all over India and provides them basic military training courses in various parades and small arms.

Objectives of NCC in India

  • NCC works to fulfill the requirements expected in the latest socio-economic scenario in India.
  • The organization aims at development of character, discipline, comradeship, secular outlook, ideals of selfless services and adventure spirits amongst large numbers of young citizens.
  • NCC aims to create a pool of trained, organized and motivated youth with various leadership qualities in every walk of their live and serve the Nation irrespective of career they choose.
  • National Cadets Corps also provide a sound environment conductive towards motivating large numbers of young people of India to join armed forces.

Benefits of NCC in India

  • NCC teaches both unity and discipline as core values. Every individual has to rely on core values irrespective of the stream or sector he/she choose in life.
  • The organization gives an early experience of the way, in which you should act at the time of staying with others in state through camps.
  • Since the camps organized under NCC takes individuals out of their comfort zones, they play major role in teaching of self-reliance.
  • NCC cadets get firsthand opportunity to be the part of Indian armed forces, Indian Naval Forces and Indian Air Forces depending on your chosen battalion.

NCC Activities in Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur

Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur is the first private educational institute of the Mahakoshal region that has two different platoons of NCC, each of which has 53 cadets. Since many years, students participated in NCC have obtained drastic achievements in Navy, Army and in Defence sectors of India.

Names of two popular students are Mr. Deepankar Adhikari Navy Officer and Mr. Tushar Ranaday, who got the opportunity to be a part of Indian Navy and successfully developing their careers in the same field and making our institute and our country proud. Other than this, Dr. Pradeep Dubey, the Associated NCC Officer received Excellent Performance Award on Republic Day for his contribution in NCC.