Overview on Special Software- Intelligent Personal Assistant

Intelligent personal assistant

IPA i.e. Intelligent Personal Assistant refers to special software that assists people with accomplishment of few basic tasks and provides relevant information by the help of natural language. Majority of IPAs uses different online resources to give answers to questions asked by users. These include sports scores, weather report, driving directions and answers to queries based on information.

Key Features of IPA

 Now, let us have a look on few key features of Intelligent Personal Assistant, as explained by faculty members of Shi Ram Group Jabalpur, recognized as a reputed engineering college in India.

  • IPAs are responsible for providing business services, which include meeting reminders and calendars, along with wide range of necessary services related to creating alerts and monitoring good health with the help of special applications.
  • IPA plays a major role in answering queries and performs different actions based on commands by using user interface of natural language.
  • Intelligent Personal Assistants are available to users as Smartphone or mobile device applications and may even feature integration with Internet of Things. Most of the device manufacturers and companies develop unique IPAs, which incorporate a part of the actual personality and become part of device or brand experience.

Overview on Google Now-An Intelligent Personal Assistant

 Experienced and qualified IT professors of engineering college in India have also given an example of Intelligent Personal Assistant as Google Now available for both AppleiOS and Google Android platforms. By getting voice assistants from Apple Siri, Google Now is able to answer queries and perform different activities based on voice commands with the help of natural language type user interface.  Google Now’s real power is that it relies on preferences of users and user search history, which help it in anticipating future requirements and delivers personalized information based on such requirements before any user asks for it.