Pharmacy Degree Programs-Gateway to Rewarding Career in Healthcare Industry

Pharmacy is an excellent career option for individuals wants to help people to receive best results from their chosen medications or for those, who appreciates and understand their responsibilities to involve and work with health practitioners. If you possess majority of these aforementioned characteristics, you should definitely go for pursuing Pharmacy in your graduation and post graduation programs.


Why Pharmacy is a Rewarding Career

Now, let us have a look on few key points, for which you should consider Pharmacy as one of the rewarding careers.

  1. Exciting Career Option

Pharmacy courses combine healthcare, science, along with computer technology and mathematics, counselling and business activities. In fact, the course gives opportunity to professionals to interact with doctors and other related customers. Along with regular jobs, pharmacists may sometimes get the opportunity to deliver front line services during epidemics, natural disasters and other similar types of crises.

  1. Trustworthy Profession

Majority of people perceive pharmacists trustworthy professionals, as they provide necessary healthcare related solutions. If family members and friends frequently turn them for advice, pharmacy may act as one of the exciting sector to explore.

  1. Top-class Designations are Available

After a person completes his B. Pharma and M. Pharma degree, he or she will be able to work in different medical and healthcare organizations in some top designations. These include Hospital and Community pharmacists, Research scientist, Medical sales representatives, research associate in pharmacy clinics, Pharmacologists and lots more.

  1. Provides a Room Directing Growth and Development

Today, large numbers of work settings, such as hospitals, community pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry, long-term caring facilities, mail order type of pharmacy centers and properly managed caring organizations and government agencies demand for the services of qualified pharmacists. Especially, individuals undergoing advanced pharmaceutical training courses may find wide scope in each of the aforementioned work settings and establishments.

  1. Opportunity to Receive Handsome Salary

Excluding wide career scope and plenty of job options, Pharmacy degree programs allow candidates to get placement with handsome salary. In addition, experienced pharmacists, who continue with the studies related to latest developments in the sector, may have relatively higher chances to get promotion in their respective sectors and thereby, significant increments in salary amount.


Degree Programs Offered Under Pharmacy

Based on the aforementioned reasons and key aspects, if you develop your interests towards acquiring an educational degree in Pharmacy, you should definitely start collecting information about different courses and streams offered under the lucrative Pharmaceutical sector. Hence, now we will discuss about important points related to three different Pharmacy degree programs named B. Pharma, M. Pharma and D. Pharma offered by Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, a leading educational group of Jabalpur.

Role of Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur to Offer Pharmacy Degree Programs

Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur is the only institute of Jabalpur that offers varieties of Pharmacy courses to make sure about significant career growth of individuals and has its affiliation with PCI of Delhi.

Bachelor of Pharma or B. Pharma is an undergraduate degree program conducted in the field of pharmacy. Candidates choose to pursue this degree from SRIT Jabalpur satisfy the registration requirement to practice as pharmacists in different healthcare organizations. In addition, the 4-year B Pharma program lets students to get well understanding on influence and properties of different medicines and to develop necessary skills to counsel patients about usage of medicines in right way.

Basic Requirements:-Young boys and girls willing to pursue B. Pharma course from Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur should definitely passed Class 12 Examination (both CBSE and State Board allowed) with subjects as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry or Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Diploma in Pharmacy also called D. Pharma is a two-year of diploma degree program associated with Pharmaceutical sector. Professors of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur offer this course to provide education and adequate training to individuals interested towards practicing pharmacy.

Diploma course in pharmaceutical sector is the minimum qualification required for a person to get his or her registration and pharmacist in India. Hence, a person wants to set-up a medical shop may opt for this program offered by our institute located in Madhotal region of Jabalpur.

Basic Requisites for the Course:-Similar to the Bachelor degree, for Diploma in Pharmacy also, you have to pass your higher secondary education with Physics, Chemistry and either of Biology and Mathematics.

However, in both Bachelor and Degree program, you would be in additional advantage, if you possess basic knowledge in computers.

Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur offers 2 years of Masters in Pharmacy degree programs to all individuals aim to acquire post graduation degree in pharmaceutical and medicine industries. However, before this, you have to fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

Aspects Specifications
Entrance Exam GPAT- Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test
Preliminary Degree 4-years of Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from a reputed institute



Overview on GPAT

GPAT- Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test is an entrance exam conducted at the national level under AICTE annually and according to the directions given by Ministry of HRD (Human Resource Department). This exam allows institutions to select qualified Pharmacy graduates for admission in M. Pharma progress. This is a 3-hour of online test conducted by respective authorities in only one session.


Streams Offered under M. Pharma Program

Until now, our educational group has offered different streams with 18 seats in each stream categorized under Masters in Pharmacy Program, which are as follows

  • M Pharma (Pharmaceutics)

Pharmaceutics refers to the branch of Pharmacy studies, which deals with preparation of bulk drugs and related formulations. Although, almost every individual possessing basic knowledge in chemistry may manufacture bulk drugs, but none can perform formulation development of any drug until and unless a person has master degree in Pharmaceutics stream.

Here comes the role of M Pharma (Pharmaceutics) degree program offered in Shri Ram Group Jabalpur. A person can never consume a bulk drug i.e. a chemical bulk unless its formulation has been made by using a specific standard formula. Hence, survival of any formulation industry is solely dependent on M Pharma (Pharmaceutics) holders.

  • M Pharma (Pharmacognosy)

Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur offers M Pharma (Pharmacognosy) degree program to focus on proper utilization of various natural products in the modern scenario. The degree mainly covers each of the leading subjects related to different types of natural products, particularly towards medicinal plants used as anti-diabetic and anti-cancer agents, hepataoprotective drugs, adaptogens and immune modulators.

In addition, candidates opt to pursue Master Degree program in Pharmacy with Pharmacognosy may study subjects of Phytochemistry, medicinal plants standardization and Industrial Pharmacognosy. Along with this, you will be able to study interesting yet advanced subjects, such as IPR and DRA, Computer applications and Biostatics, along with Modern Analytical Techniques named IR, UV, MASS, NMR and HPLC and so on.

  • M Pharma (Pharmacology)

After completion of Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy sector, students opt to take admission in M Pharma (Pharmacology) to study about usage and development of different types of medicines and drugs. These programs help candidates to specialize based on their professional and scientific interests. Pharmacology degree holders focus mainly on procedures related to test, research and manufacturing of various drugs with the aim to help in combating diseases as well as ailments hampering lives of worldwide people.

  • Pharma (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Shri Ram Institute of Technology, Jabalpur also offers you M. Pharma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry that focuses mainly on various small size of organic molecules encompassing synthetic organic chemistry and necessary aspects of computational chemistry and natural products in close combination with enzymology, chemical biology, structural biology, all of which aim to discover and develop innovative therapeutic agents. Even at includes chemical aspects related to identification and systematic alteration of various latest chemical entities to make them perfectly suitable for therapeutic applications.

  • Pharma (Pharmaceutical Marketing)

Candidates interested in promotion of pharmaceutical products or a drug manufacturing company should opt to acquire M. Pharma (Pharmaceutical Marketing) degree program. Pharmaceutical marketing degree holders will be able to involve in the business of advertisement, promotion and sales of various medicines, bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals and lots more.

Campus Recruitments and Placements

Until now, Pharmacy Graduate, Post graduate and Diploma holders of Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur have succeeded to get placements in few of the leading companies, which include the following


  • Pfizer
  • Glaxo SmithKline
  • Jhonson and Jhonson
  • Cipla
  • Lupin
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Zenith Healthcare
  • Cadila Healthcare
  • Hiwa
  • Ranbaxy

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