Ragging-the Biggest Enemy of Students Growth, Career and Future

Ragging in India means a damaging type of interaction done by seniors in colleges, especially in engineering colleges with first year students, new entrants or juniors. It involves physical torture and sarcastic insults done by seniors to juniors, running errands for senior students and several other complicated activities. In other words, Ragging refers to any act that violates or considered as violating the dignity of an individual student.


Disadvantages of Ragging for Students

Ragging activity leads to many adverse effects on not only any college, but also its students. These include the following:-

From the Perspective of Junior Students

  • Ragging spoils the good environment of any college
  • Since the activity involves bullying or insulting of juniors by senior students, ragging brings a huge gap in between juniors and seniors.
  • In many cases, physical and sarcastic insults faced by the students reach to such an extent that it spoils their mental levels, suffer mental trauma and even commit suicide.
  • Junior students fail to concentrate on their studies or bring innovative ideas, as they were compelled to live 24x 7 under fear.

From the Perspective of Senior Students

On the other side, if you consider the negative influence of ragging from perspective of seniors, you may find that ragging leads to increase in criminal activities within the college campus. Past incidents taken place in various engineering colleges in India revealed that ragging activities resulted in big crimes in college premises. Indeed, students involved in crime would deal with arrest and legal proceedings, which further spoil their career for lifetime. In fact, you will find many students, who although have abilities to achieve something best in their lives, fail to set up their bright careers just because of their involvement in criminal activities in the form of ragging in college.

College’s Actions to Avoid Ragging

Based on the aforementioned negative influence and chances of spoiling future of students, today, large numbers of good engineering colleges in India, including the Shri Ram Group Jabalpur have started taking strict actions to prevent ragging within the premise. Key steps taken under this regard are:

  • Set-up Anti-Ragging Committee

Institute has set up of an Anti-Ragging Committee in the educational group, whose main function is to protect first year students pursuing engineering, pharmacy, management and other courses from physical or mental torture of senior students.

antiragging1Interactive Sessions between seniors and juniors

Secondly, the institute arranges for interactive sessions in between senior and junior students in the presence of qualified and competent faculty members. Main benefit of this session is to create a good platform within the college premise, where junior students instead of getting scared will get the opportunity to communicate with their seniors about important aspects of their respective degree programs, career scopes, curricular and extracurricular activities go on in the institutes and similar others.