Shri Ram Group Jabalpur Feels Proud for ISRO’s Mars Orbital Mission 2014


Faculty members and management group of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur organized an in-house seminar to discuss about ISRO’s success in accomplishment of Mangalyaan i.e. Mars Orbital Mission on 24th September on 2014.

According to Dr. S. P. Kosta, the former ISRO scientist and SRIT Group Director, “Mars Orbital Mission 2014 by ISRO Group in India is a matter of pride and honor for every people in India. Moreover, the incident will continue to be the motivator for future scientists and students of our Shri Ram Group Jabalpur towards apply their knowledge and innovative skills to take the whole country towards the path of success and drastic progress.”

Mars Orbital Mission is the space probe orbiting the planet of Mars since September 24 2014. This is the first Indian-based interplanetary mission, which made ISRO the fourth space agency to land on Mars, after the Space Agency of Europe, NASA and Soviet space program. Accomplishment of Mangalyaan makes India the first ever-Asian nation to reach the orbit of Mars and even the first country worldwide to do it even in first attempt.

Mission in this case is a technology demonstrator type of project objected towards development of innovative technologies to design, plan, operate and manage interplanetary mission. The device carries five different instruments, which will help in advance knowledge about the planet of Mars for achievement of its secondary and scientific objectives.