Shri Ram Group Jabalpur Libraries-Best Place to Explore Knowledge

Libraries of colleges and engineering institutions are important places of the entire campus. Ideally, individuals consider libraries as academic focal points of the college premise. Many students consider library as the place to get vast knowledge and a temple for wisdom.

Based on this, we can say that library is one of the major factors, which most of the students consider at the time of choosing an engineering college in India. Hence, with the help of this blog post, we have put our efforts to give an overview on libraries of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur.

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Institute Houses Separate Libraries and a Central Library

Shri Ram Group Jabalpur houses both Central Library and large numbers of separate libraries in each of its institutes to provide its staff members and students for exploring a world of vast knowledge within a conductive type of environment.

Major Highlights of the Library are

  • Big Collection of Textbooks and Other Valuable Materials

Libraries house a big collection of reference and textbooks, magazines, journals, video and audio collections, CD-ROMs, online databases, research reports and data analysis solution and similar others in almost every possible area and discipline of study.

  • Large Numbers of Books Available

Library has more than 90000 different types of books, for which institute bears a yearly expenditure higher than 60-lakhs.


  • Subscription to Digital Library

Shri Ram Group Jabalpur has subscription to ASME and IEEE digital libraries.

  • Subscription to Online Journals

Students and staffs will receive subscriptions to about 1,500 online international and national journals with the help of JGATE or Consortium of AICTE.

  • Digital Library

Institute has Digital Library that includes about 30 different computers and more than 5,000 various e-learning tutorials and resources.

  • Application of RFID System

Libraries of all institutes under the vast educational group use innovative RFID software and system to perform each function, such as issuing of books and deposition system by following automation process.

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