Shri Ram Group Jabalpur Organized Special Sessions on Earth Day 2016


Since many years, Shri Ram Group Jabalpur has not gained his good recognition as provider of quality education and guaranteed placements among engineering, pharmacy and management students, but also for its efforts towards social responsibility and responsibility towards the Earth. Today, large numbers of professors and staff members have organized special sessions for various students on Earth Day 2016.
The session comprises of discussing about environmental problems in detail, like increase in the levels of carbon, global warming and scarcity of water in majority of areas and similar others. In addition, students and professors of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur also discussed about what are the steps, human beings should take to eradicate such problems as much as possible and make the Earth a better place to live.
Before this, students and faculty members of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur also conducted water conservation campaign i.e. Prayas, but it was only at inter-school and inter-college level. However, this time, faculty members have recommended for doing something on higher level to meet the aim of this Earth Day 2016 themed on Trees for the Earth-Let’s Get Planting.