Shri Ram Group Jabalpur Organizes Blood Donation Campaign

Shri Ram Group Jabalpur organizes blood donation camp by teamed up with medical staffs of Victoria Hospital Jabalpur. Staff members and faculties of our educational group are well aware that human beings cannot able to create or generate blood that may lose due to accident or any other reason. Hence, being a reputed yet a responsible institute of the country, our staffs under the supervision of Mr. Mukesh Mishra with Victoria Hospital is conducting blood donation campaign. About 125 individuals (students and staffs) of our educational group donated their bloods and contributed towards the novel cause.

srit jabalpur blood camp march 2016Why Blood Donation is Essential?

Here, we will look over few common facts about needs of human blood and thereby, justify the significance of blood donation procedure.

  1. Every year, our country requires approximately 5 crore units of total human blood, among which merely 80 lakhs units remain available for patients.
  2. Since none of us has until now able to find any substitute for the human blood; we can say that donation of blood is giving a new life to a person.
  3. Every year, about 30 million components present in the blood undergo transfusions procedure.
  4. A single victim of car or truck accident requires about 100 units of blood
  5. Every year, 1 millions of new individuals diagnose with blood cancer. Majority of such people require blood, while in some cases daily at the time of their chemotherapy treatment.
  6. Along with this, the most justifiable reason is that creation or manufacturing of human blood is not possible. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of every human being to behave as a generous donor and donate blood on regular basis.

Why Blood Donation is a Safe Process?

Many individuals hesitate to donate blood due to either phobia or anxiety towards the needle or because of perception that donation of blood cause infection or any other health problem. However, doctors, pharmacists and pathologists said that the aforementioned perception of people is entirely wrong. To guide these people to come up right decision, experts have highlighted here few important points about the blood donation process.

Facts about Blood Donation Process

  • Safe Process

Camp organizers including doctors and nurses associated with blood donation campaign in Shri Ram Group use sterile needle only one time for each donor and later on, discard it.

  • Simple and Easy Process

Blood donation involves simple process that consists of only four steps, registration of candidates, medical background and mini-physical checkup phase, actual donation of the blood and refreshments. Here, mini-physical checkup of patients is performed to make sure about normal blood pressure and temperature, pulse rate and hemoglobin percentage of the donor. In addition, doctors conduct HIV, blood sugar, hepatitis tests to make sure about reliability of the blood.

  • Process Completes in Only One Hour

Actual donation of blood requires less than 10 minutes. In fact, the complete procedure starting from the time a patient enters the camp to the time he or she leaves, requires only one hour.

How Much a Person Can Donate Blood?

Average adults have 10 units of blood in their bodies. Thus, they can donate about 1 unit of blood during a particular donation phase. After this, healthy blood donors may donate RBCs (Red Blood Corpuscles) for every 56 days, while double RBCs for every 112 days. Healthy donors may donate platelets from minimum 7 days apart to maximum 24 times in one year.