Shri Ram Group Jabalpur Sets Up Anti-Ragging Community to Avoid Ragging


Since many years, Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, known as the leading educational group to offer professional courses, such as engineering, management, pharmacy and computer applications have taken various necessary steps to avoid ragging activities.

Even the institute has set up its own anti-ragging community to deal with this anti-social activity in efficient way and to set up healthy relationships among junior and senior students. However, before we highlight about the roles of anti-ragging community to avoid ragging among B.E. students, it is essential for you to get a detailed overview on it and its negative aspects.

Overview on Ragging

Ragging refers to any type of disorderly conduct, whether done via written or spoken words or simply by an activity that involves the effect of treating, teasing or handling any student with rudeness.

Ragging takes place within the institutional infrastructure also implies indulging in any kind of indiscipline activities, which lead to cause hardship, annoyance or psychological harm on the part of students. Even many times, ragging also includes few forcible activities, which make fresher candidates to feel shame, fear and embarrassment.

How Ragging Activity Affects Any Victim

Ragging activity leads to many adverse affects in the mind of victims (fresher students) in engineering colleges and other institutes. These are

  • Unpleasant ragging incident leaves a big scar in the mind of victim haunting him/her for coming years.
  • Victims usually decline them within shells and force to stay within alienation and ignominy from the outside world.
  • Ragging demoralizes students taking admission in different colleges with various hopes and expectations
  • Along with incidents related to grievous injuries and physical assaults, ragging also leads to grave trauma and psychological stress to victims.
  • Students opt to protest against activities related to ragging likely face ostracism from many senior students in future.
  • On the other side, candidates succumb to ragging may be dropped out from there by hampering the prospects of their placements and careers.
  • Ragging in extreme cases lead to incidents related to culpable homicide and suicides.

Anti-Ragging Community Roles

Anti-Ragging community of our Shri Ram Group has taken many initiations to avoid ragging activities in colleges to a huge extent. Major activities are-

  1. Conveying of the Message

With the help of prospectus, official notices, other similar types of literatures issued to senior students and aspirants of admission, the community has clearly mentioned that ragging activities are strictly banned in the institution. Hence, any individual found as involving in ragging should get severe punishment from the college authority and the punishment may even include suspension or expulsion from the institution for a specific period and even fine with apology in front of the entire college.

  1. Issue of Notice about Community Members Names

Anti-ragging community
of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur regularly issues and highlights notices or printed leaflets that contain details of professors, to whom they can approach to stay safe from ragging of seniors. In addition, notices contact details of anti-ragging community members, so that new students of the institute may receive proper help and guidance in different situations rather than approaching seniors for help and feel obliged or indebted.

  1. Continuous Watch to Avoid the Activity

Since the beginning of the academic session, anti-ragging community members of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur that comprises of responsible professors and wardens perform two key activities-

  • Keeping a continuous watch as well as vigil on ragging to prevent both its occurrence as well as its reoccurrence
  • To deal with various ragging incidents promptly by creating awareness of it and summarily give punishments to guilty based on suggestions, recommendations and findings of other institute‚Äôs members, hostellers and community members.
  1. Interaction with Fresher Candidates

Teaching staffs, management and sometimes, the Principal regularly interact with fresher candidates and win their confidence by appraising them about their specific rights and obligations related to fighting with ragging activities. Simultaneously, staffs and management of the institute to generate level of confidence in their minds that every instance of ragging, towards which they may subject or get information of the same should forthwith brought to the knowledge of anti-ragging communities.