Shri Ram Group Wishes Happy and Prosperous Holi 2016

Shri Ram Group wishes all of its faculty members, students, staffs and other valuable members a happy and a prosperous Holi 2016. We know that Holi is the festival of enticing colors and a special type of sweet called Gujiya. Hence, our entire team from the core of the heart prays to God that the upcoming Holi brings colors of joy, success, prosperity and lots of happiness in your life as well as in the life of your loved ones. Simultaneously, we will pray to Lord Vishnu please keep showering your blessings on us and keep us away from all negativities for lifetime.

Overview on Holi Festival in India

Every Indian celebrates Holi, the festival of colors on Phalgun Purnima that usually comes in the month of March. This special occasion has its origin from ancient India and celebrates the triumph of good deeds over bad ones. Even people consider the occasion as best to bridge social gaps and renew good and long-term relationships.

happy holi 2016 from srit group jabalpur

Rituals Followed on Holi

Celebration of Holi starts with lighting up of the bonfire at the day before night (for Holi 2016 on 22nd of March). After this, from the morning only, people celebrate it by rubbing traditional form of colors called abeer or gulal on faces of each other. In addition, the festival gives excellent opportunity to send many blessings and lots of love to near and dear ones by wrapping in special types of Holi gifts. If this is not enough, you will find several stories and countless legends related to celebration to make the Holi Festival highly vivid and exuberant for us.