Shri Ram Group’s Mechanical Engineering Dept. Organizes Vishwakarma Puja 2016

vishwakarma jayanti

Similar to every year, faculties of Mechanical Engineering Department are organizing Vishwakarma Puja 2016 in the workshop premise of the institute. This worship event will start with prayers, mythological story of Lord Vishwakarma and follow by Havan as well as Prasad distribution to every member of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur.

Main reason behind organizing this Puja yearly is to pay respect to the Lord Vishwakarma, the Creator of the World, as it is only by his blessings, the educational group has achieved massive success in the sector of management, technology, engineering and many more.

Overview on Vishwakarma Day

Vishwakarma Day or Vishwakarma Puja refers to the celebration of a Hindu God named Vishwakarma, who is also recognized as the Divine architect. Many of his devotees also call him the Swayambhu or the Creator of the World.

He played major roles in construction of the Heaven (Swarga Log), Lord Krishna’s Holy Dwarka City, Maya Sabha for Pandavas and designing of countless weapons for the God. In addition, architects also call him a divine carpenter and he gained his name in the Rig Veda. Along with this, Lord Vishwakarma received his credit with Sthapatya Veda, recognized as the science of architecture and mechanics.