Software Defined Networking Acts as a Manageable and Dynamic Solution


SDN is the acronym for Software Defined Networking, which refers to an architecture that purports to acts as a manageable, dynamic, adaptable and cost-effective solution. It always intends to stay perfectly suitable for dynamic nature found major applications of today and high bandwidth.

According to IT and CS experts of a reputed engineering college in India, SDN architectures mainly decouple network control and various forwarding functions to facilitate for network control to be directly programmable and abstract the underlying infrastructure from network services and various other applications.

Features of SDN Architecture

OpenFlow protocol acts as the basic element to design the required SDN solution. Because of this, SDN architecture has few special features, about which professors of Shri Ram Institute of Technology Jabalpur overviewed as follows-

 Allows Direct Programming

Network control present in Software Defined Networking allows direct programming facility, as it remains decoupled from various forwarding functions.

 Agile in Nature

The networking system provides abstract control from forwarding that helps administrators to adjust the flow of traffic across the entire network to fulfill various changing requirements.

Allows Central Management

Network intelligence is centralized or logical type software-based SDN controllers, which play major role in maintaining of global view present in the network and appears to various policy engines and applications as a single yet a logical switch.

Helps in Network Configuration and Management

SDN helps network managers to configure, secure, manage and optimize various network resources in no time with the help of automated and dynamic SDN programs, which are able to write themselves, as programs do not have any dependence on the actual proprietary software.

 Open Standard-based Implementation

Whenever you implement SDN with the help of open standards, it simplifies network operation and its design, as SDN controllers provide necessary instructions rather than any vendor-specific protocols and devices.