What are the Branches included in Bachelor of Engineering Degree Program?


Bachelor of Engineering abbreviated as B.E. refers to an undergraduate program available for students. The program is for 4 years and a person, who succeeds in completing his or her B.E., will get the opportunity to deliver services as an engineer. For instance, students opt to complete their Bachelor of Engineering from Shri Ram Group Jabalpur i.e. the best engineering college in India will get the B.E. degree after 4 years from RGPV Bhopal.

Branches in Engineering

Based on the popularity of engineering course among large numbers of students completed their Class 12 examination with PCM, the University and Shri Ram Group Jabalpur offers varieties of streams under engineering. These include

  1. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering abbreviated as EC involves usage of mathematics and science applied mainly to various types of practical problems in the sector of communications. EC engineers usually engage in research, development, design and testing of electronic equipment or component applicable in wide range of communication systems.

B.E. program in EC allows individuals to build their careers as research engineers, systems engineers, control engineers, electronics engineers, communication engineers and professors in renowned universities as well as research centres. Along with basic electronic components, B.E. in EC students also studies different topics, like digital communication, data and wireless communication as well as optical fibre communication.

  1. Electrical and Electronics or Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering or Electrical and Electronics engineering mainly deals with technology associated with application of electrical techniques. These engineers deliver their services to deal with varieties of devices, components and systems, starting from few small-sizes of microchips to large-size of power station generators.

In addition, EE or EX stream has explored a lot and branched out into large numbers of special categories, like transmission systems, power generators, batteries, motors and control systems. Electrical engineering course also includes few applications of electronics, branched into many subcategories, like telecommunications, radio frequency systems, signal processing, remote sensing, digital circuits, video and audio modes, instrumentation and optoelectronics.

  1. Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering course offered by the best engineering college in India including Shri Ram Group Jabalpur refers to practical and scientific approach towards computation theory and its related applications. It involves the systematic study about structure, feasibility, mechanization and expression of algorithms or methodological procedures, which underlie representation, acquisition, storage, processing, communication and accessing of the actual information.

Alternatively, Computer Science Engineering means the study about automation of algorithmic procedures that scale. With the consistent advancement in technology, students will find diversification in its field based on wide range of practical and theoretical disciplines. Few sectors, like computational complexity theory that explores fundamental properties possessed b intractable and computational problems are of highly abstract as compared to other fields, like computer graphics, which mainly emphasize visual applications associated with the real world.

  1. Information Technology Engineering

Information Technology engineering stream mainly concentrates about study related to usage of computer systems and telecommunications with the aim to gain control, collect information, store and circulate it. Both hardware and software sectors form important arts of Information Technology.

IT has a significant role in different sectors, which include communication, data management, inventory management, MIS or Management Information Systems, and CRM or Customer Relationship Management. IT has also played a pivotal role, as it opened many concepts related to digital marketing, online shopping, digital communication, social networking, cloud computing, big data and mobile communication to resolve large numbers of business and social problems.

  1. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering mainly deals with construction, design and maintenance of various physical and naturally built environments, along with works for bridges, roads, dams, canals and buildings.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is another diverse engineering stream offered at Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, which derived its roots from the need related to manufacturing and designing of almost everything starting from various small sizes of individual parts and equipments, like inkjet printer nozzles and micro-scale sensors to various other complex systems, such as machine tools and spacecraft. Main role of any mechanical engineer is to take any product from its idea of creation to the actual marketplace.

For this, he or she requires to understand the thermal environment and forces, which a product, its related subsystems or subparts will encounter, to design them for aesthetics, functionality and ability to withstand various forces and subjected to thermal environment. Along with this, professional possessing B.E. degree in Mechanical stream should be able to determine the efficient way of manufacturing systems and make sure about their operations without any breakdown or failure.