Wikison Combiner/Splitter Operation and Benefits


Wikinson combiner or Wikinson divider splitter refers to a type of power combiner or power splitter that is useful in microwave application. It utilizes quarter wave transformer devices, which allow simple and easy fabrication, as similar to any quarter wave over printed circuit boards. In addition, it provides different possibilities to act as a simple and cheap possible divider, splitter or combiner while at the same time, provides optimum performance. Along with printed circuit board and its transmission line approach, the Wikinson product uses various other types of transmission lines, which are coaxial cables, capacitors and inductors, which together form elements of any lumped circuit.

Operation of Wikinson Circuit

Wikinson combiner or power divider utilizes quarter wave transformers for splitting of the input signal for providing two different output signals, which remain in specific phase with each other. Resistors of the circuit connected between two different output-ports allow matching of two outputs while at the same time provide isolation. Resistor fails to dissipate any power supply and that leads to prevention in loss of power from the combiner or splitter circuit.


According to EC professors of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, known as the best engineering college in India, the power divider or combiner performs calculation of values in two different ways as follows:-

R   =   2 x Zo

Zmatch   =   SQRT 2 x Zo

= 1.414 x Zo


R denotes the terminating resistor that remains connected in between the aforementioned ports
Zo indicates the characteristic impedance present in the complete system
Zmatch refers the impedance associated with quarter wave transformers present in legs of the aforementioned power divider combiner.

In order to track the operation of Wikinson divider, EC professors of the best engineering college in India have recommended considering about the signal that enters left hand port, as per the aforementioned diagram. This signal would reach the nearby physical split and later on, pass from both of the output ports present in the divider. As two legs of this divider or splitter are identical, signals appearing at two different output ports will contain same phase. This would further indicate that second and third ports at same potential zero flow of current in resistor.

With the splitting of power, it is very much essential to make sure about maintaining the impedences present in any Wikinson divider. For this, both of the output ports should present in the form of impedance i.e. 2 x Zo referred as two output ports of 2 different Zo placed in parallel for presenting the complete impedance.

How Wikinson Power Combiner or Splitter is Beneficial

Now, let us look over few of the major benefits obtained from Wikinson Power Combiner or Wikinson Power Splitter, as explained by EC engineers of the best engineering college in India.

Simplicity in Design

Wikinson circuit is simple and one can realize it by the help of various printed components present over a printed circuit board. It also facilitates the usage of lumped capacitor and inductor elements.

Cost Associated with the Operation

Whenever realization of power divider designed by Wikinson takes place by using elements of a printed circuit board, cost incurred is very low results in significant increase of the board area.

Eliminates Additional Loss

If the circuit uses perfect components, Wikinson splitter divider or combiner does not introduce any additional loss excluding the one that takes place because of power division takes place in between two different ports. Moreover, real components used for the splitter device involve relatively less amount of loss, particularly, when individuals opt to use PCB transmission lines across loss low type of PCB substrate material.