Women Empowerment Program-A Step to Promote Female Fraternity

Women Empowerment involves the creation of a good environment for women and girls, where they would get the opportunity to taken own decisions not only for their personal benefits, but also for the entire society.

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Features of Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment includes every possible activity that aims at bringing improvements in the economic, social, legal and political strength of women and at the same time, to make sure about equal right of women. In addition, the program involves different activities associated with boosting confidence levels of female persons for claiming their rights, like

  • Freely leading their lives with a huge sense of respect, self-worth and dignity
  • Get complete control of their lives both outside and inside of homes as well as workplaces
  • To involve in decision-making procedures in both homes and offices, along with making own choices
  • To get equal rights for participation in religious, social and public activities
  • To achieve equal social status and equal rights directed towards economic and social justice
  • Determination of economic and financial choices
  • Get equal opportunity in education and other sectors without any kind of gender bias
  • Get a working environment that is comfortable and safe for girls

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Significance of Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is essential because of following strong reasons:-

Equally Intelligent and Competent

Women have always remained equally intelligent and competent as that of men. Even during modern times, we found large numbers of female members showing relatively good performance than men in large numbers of social and economical activities.


Women possess same level of talents, as one can expect from men. Based on this fact, women should also get encouragement and motivation to show their skills and talents in heir higher studies and help her in benefiting individually and to the entire world.

Directs Overall Development of the Society

Prime benefit of Women Empowerment is that it leads to overall development of modern society. Money earned by women not only makes them self-dependent or help their family members, but also help a lot in complete development of the society. Furthermore, earnings of women for the family and her contribution to the society further leads to boost in economy of the country.

Reduction in Poverty

Women empowerment leads to significant reduction in poverty. Many times, money earned by males of the family become insufficient to fulfil the necessary demands. Hence, added earnings of girls and women help family members to overcome from the trap of poverty.

National Development

Women have recently started showing their participations in various types of national development procedures. They take several steps to make the whole nation proud based on their outstanding performances in almost every area including social services, medical science, engineering, defence and lots more.

Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur Roles towards Women Empowerment

Along with the contribution of Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur towards every modern industry and present society, the educational group has given its huge contribution towards Women Empowerment. For this, the institute launched Vahini-The Women Empowerment Program under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Mrs. Mona Jain.

Objectives of the Program

  • To bring every woman staff, female student and faculty member of Shri Ram Group, Jabalpur together to launch women empowerment program of Vahini.
  • To provide the entire female fraternity with plenty of good opportunities related to growth, interaction and acquaintance.

Key Functions performed under Women Empowerment Program

Women Empowerment Program of Vahini launched under Mrs. Mona Jain has covered different areas, which include


  1. Education and Awareness of Programs

Volunteers and other students of Vahini Program have contributed a lot to launch education as well as awareness programs for women stay in backward areas. Along with women, the campaign also put efforts to provide educational facilities in best possible manner to children of different age groups. Especially, the program aims at boosting the condition of female children, whose family members are not financially strong to bear the huge cost of sending schools for education.

  1. Social Uplift Program

Social uplift program focuses on bringing significant improvements in the overall condition of female members in the modern society. In other words, social uplift program includes different tasks related to providing equal opportunities to women in different sectors, like technology, medical science, defence, banking and financial sectors and lots more.

  1. Save Girls Program

Staff members and students involved in Vahini Program took initiatives to deal with the biggest challenge faced by the modern society as save the girl child. Main objective of this program is to motivate people so that they stop the worst activity of destroying a female foetus present in mothers’ wombs. Other than this, the program includes different activities directed towards providing safety to the female children in homes and in the society.