Women’s Grievances Cell Safeguards Female Fraternity of Shri Ram Group Jabalpur


Every parent and guardian has relatively more care and concern towards girl children. Although, with the passage of time and advancements in different sectors across the world, our modern society has eliminated differences between sons and daughters to a great extent, but many parents and their family members still worry about safety of their girls more.

Worrying Habits of Parents towards Daughters

Worrying habits of parents increase when they have to send their daughters to engineering colleges for continuing with their higher studies. On one moment, they feel very proud by the fact that their daughters are pursuing B.E. or MBA and hence, will get a lucrative future very soon. However, on the other moment, they worry about safety of their girls within the college premise, in buses, in Girls hostels or PGs and similar other places.

Women Grievances Cell

Hence, in order to give peace of mind to parents and family members of girls pursuing any professional course from Shri Ram Group Jabalpur, the management team of the institution has set up a special Grievances Cell by the help of its Co-ordinator Ms. Arti Bangre.

Key Activities Performed by Women Grievances Cell

  • Grievances cell aims at resolving few common problems faced by girls and women

  • Cell deals with female harassment cases at the individual level

  • To strive very hard for launching of women empowerment via promotion of welfare and gender amity

  • The department helps students, staffs and parents to maintain a proper record of their complaints and resolves problems as well as personal grievances.

In conclusion, women grievances cell set up in Shri Ram Group Jabalpur help a lot to safeguard female students; female faculty members and other female staffs of the educational group, while at the same time give huge peace of mind to parents as well as family members.